Salvation in America - National Salvation
PUBLIC LAW 97-280(Read Online)
Awake, Awake, O America

One wise man, after picturing an ocean view from the western shores of Europe 500 years ago, a view which revealed an endless stretch of the Atlantic Ocean with no sign of a great vast North American continent asked the following questions. "Did Jesus Christ know of the North American continent?" "Did Jesus Christ know that a great nation would be established there?" "Did Jesus Christ know this great nation (yet to be born) would be Christian from its beginning?"

For those who know and believe Jesus Christ to be the only begotten Son of God resurrected from the grave who knows all things (John 21:17), the answers to the above are, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" So then comes one more question.

"Is it possible that the great nation of America, known to Jesus Christ, was never mentioned, indicated, or foretold in the Bible?" The answer to this question is self-evident and thus this treatise is to assist you in finding America and her story in scripture.

The Kneeling Christian

Prayer is the key that unlocks the door of Godís treasure house, and this book has helped thousands of believers turn this key.