Further Understanding Concerning America
The Psychopolitical Indoctrination of America!(Read Online)

How the Talmudic/Communist Blueprint for America's subjugation has taken place.

America the Conquered

America has been conquered and the conquerors now rule over us. Read and discover who They are and awaken to the reality of our conquest.

The Greatest Love Story Never Told

The Great I-Am is the husband, Abraham is the Father of the Bride, and You are the bride in this great love story . This is your story and it is up to you to participate in it.

Baal Worship

Do you follow God or Baal? Do you obey God's laws or man's law? Do you kneel to Uncle Sam or to Jesus Christ? We must remove these and other gods and replace them with the the one true God in our thoughts and our hearts.

Whores Galore

Examine the Biblical meaning of whoredom and how it relates to our world today.

The Plot Against Christianity

The author is a dedicated anti-communist and writes of what she has learned about the open, virulent anti-Christ campaign.